Koi Nava
“Life Through Lines”

My life consists of two types of lines.
Lines written with words and lines drawn by hand
--- Writing and drawing.

Trained as a magazine journalist, I have worked for National Geographic magazine (Thai Edition) for eight years, initially as their text editor and later as a freelance contributing writer. My topics usually revolve around Thai people and their way of life.

Unlike writing, I am a self-taught sketcher. Drawing has been my lifelong passion. When documentary writing became my career, a sketchbook was my constant companion on the road. The ‘on-location’ sketches have later been included with the written articles in many publications.

The country of Finland has cultivated me as an outdoor painter. I was in the country of “Fine Land” as a student from 2007-2010 (with a brief stint in Copenhagen, Denmark). The university was located in a beautiful lake district, which offered wide open spaces. The love of on-location drawing led me to appreciate a serene time in nature. Even later in urban centres, this ability of finding peaceful locations has developed and translated into my paintings.

Writing and Drawing from my experience are complementary to each other. Writing provides an opportunity to deliberately think and see deeply into the topic. On the other hand, drawing is an effective tool to observe any particular place and it is also a wonderful conversation starter.

In simple words, writing makes me draw better and drawing makes me write better.

Kanchala Navanugraha ( Koi Nava)
กัญญ์ชลา นาวานุเคราะห์ (ก้อย)